About the Foundation

The Foundation for Living Beauty aims to educate, uplift, and empower women with cancer by providing them with opportunities to explore wellness and healing modalities while developing a sense of community with other women along the same path. 

Living Beauty was founded in 2005 to provide “look good, feel good” events, but it rapidly became much more, meeting the complex emotional and physical needs of female cancer patients, called “Living Beauties.” Today, the Foundation serves over 1,100 women nationwide with any type of cancer, at any point in their cancer journey whether newly diagnosed, in treatment, or beyond.

Through wellness workshops, retreats and events, our purpose is to foster hope for the future amongst our Living Beauties and facilitate the development of skills and healthy habits to assist in their cancer journey. In addition, the Foundation believes that a community of women can organically support one another and that women who have a strong support structure achieve better health outcomes. Living Beauty’s programs include overnight retreats, day retreats, in-person and online educational workshops, sisterhood support events, and one-on-one sessions. Our programs are focused on various wellness and integrative therapy topics such as yoga4cancer, nutrition, mindfulness, meditation, art therapy, herbal medicine, and more! All of these programs are completely free of charge for women with cancer.

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Our Logo

Our Lotus Flower logo portrays a journey of growth, resilience, and beauty. Symbolic of a woman’s cancer experience, the lotus flower can blossom from murky waters and rarely blooms in solitude, being surrounded by other lotus flowers. This sacred flower is thought to be the physical embodiment of a mandala. The small ribbon inside of the lotus represents cancer awareness and can also be interpreted as a woman sitting in the “lotus” meditation position, channeling her abundant inner strength.