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Lee Brevard

Sterling Silver Heart Necklace

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The lotus flower is symbolic of a journey of growth and beauty. Inside the lotus flower is a small meditating figure representing both awareness and abundant inner strength. Our Lotus charm is paired with a Tiny Heart, a love charm to help focus your energies and attention. 

This charm necklace is hand-crafted by iconic jeweler Lee Brevard in Los Angeles from pure sterling silver. This necklace was designed by a Living Beauty, our term for a woman going through the experience of cancer. 

Available in your choice of 16” or 18” chain length.


100% of the net proceeds from your purchase directly benefit The Foundation for Living Beauty and help us continue to provide free wellness programs and support services to women with cancer.

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About Us

The Foundation for Living Beauty aims to educate, uplift and empower women with cancer by providing them with opportunities to explore wellness and healing modalities while also developing a sense of community with other women along the same path.